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Merz Pharma Canada Ltd. : The new XEOMIN® is now available for the treatment of the blépharospasme, the cervical dystonia* and the spasticity post-AVC.

July 22nd, 2009 - 08:57: 41 AM

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 22nd, 2009) - Merz Pharma Canada Ltd. announces that the new XEOMIN® (neurotoxine botulinic of A) type is now available to prescribe with the patients suffering from serious invalidating neuromuscular pathologies following:

Blépharospasm: The forced involuntary closing of the eyelids. The symptoms of the blépharospasm can start with an involuntary blinking of only one eye, but often the two eyes are finally affected. The spasms can leave the completely closed eyelids, causing a functional blindness even if the eyes and the vision are normal   1.

Cervical Dystonie: The cervical dystonia, so called spasmodic stiff neck, is a painful pathology in which the muscles of the neck contract involuntarily, involving the head to be twisted on a side or to incline in an unverifiable way forwards or the back.

The cervical dystonia generally occurs at the woman of ripe age. Generally, the symptoms start gradually but after one period from three to five years, pathology is often stabilized and beyond this point   2 3 does not evolve.

Spasticity post-AVC: One of the effects most physically invalidating of an cerebral vascular accident is an unverifiable muscular stiffness, often accompanied by a pain and a functional fall. Often, the patients have difficulty in go or to make use of their hands.

There is a distinction between the focal and generalized spasticity. The focal spasticity affects a smaller surface of the body, like the hand or an end. The generalized spasticity affects moreover large surfaces of the body or the body entire. Because of these differences in gravity, the approach with the treatment will be able to vary   4.

For more information on these pathologies, consult your doctor.

The new XEOMIN®, free from chelating proteins, is now available to Canada.
Merz Pharma Canada Ltd. is trustful that the doctors will find that the new XEOMIN® is a choice of neurotoxine which it is worth the sorrow to consider for several their patients.

  * Especially of rotational form (spasmodic stiff neck)

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